About Us

At Jessica Jensen Law PS we focus on finding workable solutions to legal issues. Our role is to help you analyze the costs and benefits of a course of action and to provide you with options to consider. We use the law not as a weapon, but as a tool to prevent, address and resolve legal issues. To achieve our clients’ goals, we utilize holistic and collaborative methods, as well as litigation.


About Holistic Law

Holistic law recognizes that a client’s legal issues involve related issues (such as finances and interpersonal relationships) that are impacted by a legal problem. We work with our clients to identify the related issues and potential impacts so they can make the best decisions appropriate to the entire situation. We are practical, results-oriented attorneys who are mindful of the interrelated aspects of our clients’ lives.

About Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution model where the parties agree to resolve their dispute without the economic and emotional expense of litigation. Collaborative practice encourages open communication to achieve an equitable and practical result. Working collaboratively, the parties have an opportunity to formulate creative solutions not available through conventional litigation. Clients who handle their cases collaboratively save significant time, money and emotional distress by avoiding hearings, discovery, depositions and trial. Collaborative practice also affords our clients greater privacy than a conventionally litigated case. Collaborative practice is generally the most cost effective, private and least contentious way to resolve a legal dispute.

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